About Us

The Pitt News has been the University of Pittsburgh’s independent undergraduate student newspaper since 1910. The newspaper publishes daily, and 13,000 copies of it are distributed to newsstands across campus. Funded through advertising revenue, The Pitt News employs more than 100 students who cover news, arts and entertainment, sports and opinions. At The Pitt News, we strive to promote discourse on campus as well as inform the Pitt student body about issues affecting college students at the University and across the country.


The Pitt News

434 William Pitt Union

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

O: 412-648-7980

F: 412-648-8491



Editor-in-Chief |

Elizabeth Lepro

Managing Editor |

Dale Shoemaker

Online Editor/Web Developer |

Matt Choi


News |

Ashwini Sivaganesh, News Editor

James Evan Bowen-Gaddy, Assistant News Editor

Amanda Reed, Assistant News Editor

Opinions |

Kirsten Wong, Opinions Editor

Matt Moret, Assistant Opinions Editor


Emily Brindley, Culture Editor

Sports |

Steve Rotstein, Sports Editor

Bayard Miller, Assistant Sports Editor

Visual |

John Hamilton, Visual Editor

Meghan Sunners, Assistant Visual Editor

Online Visual |

Stephen Caruso, Assistant Visual Editor (Multimedia/Online)

Copy Desk |

Sierra Smith, Copy Chief

Alexandria Stryker, Assistant Copy Chief

Layout |

Jordan Mondell, Layout Editor

Emily Hower, Assistant Layout Editor

Social Media |

Amanda Reed, Online Engagement Editor


Business Manager | Calvin Reif

Sales Manager |  Sean Hennessy

Inside Sales Manager | Kaitlin Kramer

Senior Universal Account Executive | Stephen Bretz

Digital Manager | Isaac Proch

Marketing Manager | Lara Petorak