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Pittsburgh responds to New Zealand massacre
Grad students will decide union question starting April 15
Downtown protests against Rosfeld verdict focus on change, solidarity

Chloe Baierl: Knitting Pretty

Chloe Baierl can be found holding a pair of knitting needles almost anywhere, including the first floor of the Cathedral of Learning, behind the counter where they work as a barista at Ace Hotel and even...

Elliot Jones: Spreading happiness one person at a time

As students at The Perch, the upper campus dining hall, finish their dinners and drop off their plates and utensils, they hear a familiar voice ringing out without fail from behind the drop’s wall. “Thank...

Gunshots fired into office of Michael Rosfeld’s attorney

Gunshots were fired overnight into the office of Michael Rosfeld's defense attorney, Pat Thomassey. The approximate time of the shooting has yet to be determined.

Third day of protests brings students Downtown
Oakland protests white officer’s acquittal


Hannah Heisler

Following the announcement on March 22 of a not guilty verdict in the trial of former Pitt police officer Micheal Rosfeld, protestors took to the streets of the Oakland campus showing their disagreement with the jury’s decision. The march began in Schenley Plaza at about 5pm and shut down numerous intersections as it paraded along Bigelow Boulevard and Atwood Street, as well as Fifth and Forbes Avenues. Beginning with a group of almost 50 people, the protest grew in number as it went.

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March 24, 2019

Editorial: Shooting survivors need more mental health resources

By The Pitt News Editorial Board
March 25, 2019

These people’s pain didn’t stop in the aftermath of the shootings, and they — as well as all others in their terrible position — deserved access to mental health resources to help them process and grieve what they lost.

Opinion | Social media outlets need to deplatform white supremacists

By Delilah Bourque, Senior Staff Columnist
March 25, 2019

Social media companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter need to step up their actions against white supremacists and bigoted provocateurs.

Opinion | Pa. marijuana legalization necessary

By Julia Kreutzer, Staff Columnist
March 24, 2019

In the push for meaningfully combating racist practices, creating legal opportunities for medicinal and recreational marijuana users and bolstering the state’s economy, approving SB 350 is an instrumental move.

Sweet, Sweet Victory: A Sweet Sixteen Update

By Nick Carlisano, Staff Writer
March 25, 2019

The field has been lowered from 64 to 16 and your bracket is probably already broken. If you found yourself missing basketball, don’t worry. We have a look back at the top moments from last weekend and a look at what you can expect in the Sweet 16.

New baseball, softball coaches get rude awakening

By Stephen Thompson, Staff Writer
March 25, 2019

Pitt’s baseball and softball teams both welcomes new head coaches this past off season. With the first month of games almost under their belts, it’s clear both teams are having some trouble finding their footings.

Weekend Sports: Baseball, softball suffer sweeps

By Trent Leonard, Sports Editor
March 25, 2019

While the sun came out for the first time in a long time, it was a bleak, dark weekend for Pitt athletics.

2019 Greek Sing pleases performers, raises funds for Children’s Miracle Network

By Amanda Giamalis, For The Pitt News
12:46 am

Finishing off Pitt’s Greek Week, Greek Sing 2019 brought a large crowd to the field house. The event is held annually as a spirit event for Pitt’s Greek life, but also as a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network.

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Review: Gary Clark Jr. brought audiences at the Benedum to their feet

By Darren Campuzano, Staff Writer
March 22, 2019

Gary Clark Jr., a 35-year old guitarist, is a musical shapeshifter — and his show at the Benedum Theater March 20 confirmed that confining him to one genre only understates his malleable approach to playing guitar.

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New ‘Queer Eye’ season brings joy to fans with diversity and a dog

By Apoorva Kethidi, Staff Writer
March 21, 2019

Season three of the breakout, Emmy award-winning reboot “Queer Eye” hit the streaming service on Friday, to much excitement from the show’s many fans.

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Streaming now: must-see foreign language films, TV

By Victoria Pfefferle-Gillot, Senior Staff Writer
March 20, 2019

This year we have made several different watchlists of great, enjoyable TV shows and movies. Considering this school year is the Year of Pitt Global, you should take some time to celebrate foreign-language media too.

Photo blog: midterms, spring break edition

By Bader Abdulmajeed, Staff Photographer
March 8, 2019

Kick off your break from class and the stresses of midterm exams by reading about how these Pitt students wind down from midterm exams and plan to spend their spring breaks.

Make time for mindfulness

By Ashna Gupta, For The Pitt News
March 8, 2019

Do you ever find yourself trying to study for chemistry and then you remember you have an assignment due in another class? Or do you remember all the errands you need to run while trying to get work done? It’s a natural human tendency to be doing something while our minds are in another place. Practicing mindfulness, however, brings us to the present moment and allows us to focus all of our attention...

GALLERY: Rosfeld verdict protest

By Hannah Heisler, Bader Abdulmajeed, and Thomas Yang | March 23, 2019

Gallery: 2019 SGB Election

By Hannah Heisler and Thomas Yang | February 20, 2019

Zechariah Brown will serve as president of Pitt’s Student Government Board during the 2019-20 school year, after winning 62 percent of the vote against Albert Tanjaya Tuesday. Brown said he felt “grateful and thankful and overwhelmed” when Katie McLaughlin, chair of SGB’s Elections Committee, read the results at SGB’s Tuesday night meeting. “I felt like this was so incredibly close....

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