Pitt building $13.2 million domed facility for club and recreational sports

All club and recreational sports teams and student groups will have access to the $13.2 million Pitt Sports Dome. Photo courtesy of Clare Sherry

Pitt’s athletic facilities are getting another major upgrade — this one in the form of a new, domed field for club and recreational sports.

On Friday, a committee of the University’s Board of Trustees approved spending $13.2 million on the air-supported domed facility, which will include two intramural fields as well. The project is being paid for out of Student Affairs’ funds, Pitt spokesperson John Fedele said.

Committee chair John Pelusi told the trustees at their board meeting that the construction of the facility is expected to create more than 130 jobs and generate more than $35,000 in local property taxes, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

According to Pitt’s Director of Intramurals and Recreations Marilyn Ross, the facility is not intended for intercollegiate athletic teams.

“All students will be able to use the new domed facility,” Ross said. “It will be used for club sports, intramural teams, health and physical activity classes, and a variety of recreational activities … it is designed to serve the entire student population.”

The domed field will provide an indoor facility behind Trees Hall for Pitt’s club and recreational sports teams to use year-round. An artist’s rendering of the facility can be seen here.

“[This facility] is designed for the entire student body to use and enjoy,” Ross said. “All club teams will be able to reserve practice times, and the dome will be able to accommodate our growing intramural programs, especially during the winter months when the weather is a factor.”

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