GALLERY: Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine bring Pa. bus tour to David Lawrence Convention Center

Kaine and Clinton continued on that night towards Youngstown, Ohio for their third campaign event of the day. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor

Shirley Green, a Beechview resident, yells at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump supporters protesting across the street from the line into David Lawrence Convention Center Saturday for a Hillary Clinton campaign event. more
Trump supporters held signs and shouted back in a jovial if politically charged exchange with Clinton backers. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Adam Stout is at his second Clinton rally after going to April’s event at Carnegie Mellon University. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
The campaign reported an attendance of 5,100 people. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Catherine Greer, a school teacher and Beaver Fall resident, ran into her student, Madison Flynn. Flynn was attending the event with her parents. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Flynn, 10, wrote a poem about Clinton, which her mom holds a copy off. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Sign language translators flanked the stage for the benefit of any special needs attendees. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Pennsylvania House of Representatives member and Democrat Ed Gainey speaks to the crowd. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
John Fetterman, Braddock mayor and former Senate candidate, implored the crowd “not as a Democrat, not as a mayor, but as a father” to make sure they vote for Clinton in 2016. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editormore
Democratic candidate for the US Senate Katie McGinty spoke as well, arguing against Trump and her opponent, Republican Pat Toomey. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Democratic Congressmen Mike Doyle also spoke. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Billionaire entrepreneur and Pittsburgh native Mark Cuban endorsed Clinton for president at the rally, and formerly introduced her and Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editormore
Clinton and Kaine are on a bus tour of Pennsylvania following Clinton’s official nomination in Philadelphia this past week at the Democratic National Convention. Thye two spoke in Johnstown, Pa. earlier in the day. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editormore
Both candidates spouses also appeared. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Tim Kaine spoke first, re-using his Donald Trump impression from his speech at the Demprtaic National Convention. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor
Then Clinton spoke, touching on policy such as a promise to pass a new infrastrucrtyre spending billl within her first 100 days, including broadband internet access for every home and business. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editormore
Kaine and Clinton continued on that night towards Youngstown, Ohio for their third campaign event of the day. Stephen Caruso | Visual Editor

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