Lulu’s Noodles cited with multiple health code violations

By Alexa Bakalarski / Assistant News Editor

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The Allegheny County Health Department cited Lulu’s Noodles on South Craig Street with multiple health code violations last week.

The Health Department posted a consumer alert Sept. 15, for presence of flies and mice, inadequate sanitization of food surfaces and keeping cold food at an unsafe temperature, among eight other violations. The restaurant was also cited for poor employee personal hygiene and not protecting food from cross-contamination.

The ACHD lifted the consumer alert for Lulu’s Monday.

The Sept. 15 inspection was a reinspection after the ACHD cited Lulu’s with 16 health code violations during an inspection Sept. 13.

The ACHD performs routine, unannounced inspections of facilities that serve and prepare food, such as restaurants. These inspections may occur up to twice a year, depending on the nature of the facility.

When a restaurant fails an inspection, the health department posts a consumer alert and schedules a reinspection. If the facility does not address the violations cited at the original inspection, it may fail the reinspection as well. Failing a reinspection can result in administrative intervention from the ACHD or closure of the facility, depending on the severity and duration of the violations.

The ACHD deemed the problems found at Lulu’s “critical violations” because they pose an immediate risk to consumers and customers, but the restaurant remained open.

Bob Glidden, an environmental health adviser for the ACHD, said Lulu’s was never closed during the consumer alert or health code violations. The health department will reinspect the restaurant in 30 days.

The restaurant is currently open with an “Inspected and Permitted” sign from the ACHD on its front door.

A spokesperson from Lulu’s was not available for comment at the time of publication.

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