A poem to the Editor

By John Kennick, Senior

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Editor’s note: The Pitt News regularly receives and publishes letters to the Editor. In this case, a reader sent a poem. All indentations, line breaks and misspellings are to the wishes of the poet.

“non-reaction non reaction POEM”

we do not explain what this is like because analogy

is just a fire I have felt & felt, and just as just as small and cold as any reason and

      if what you want

is just 199 OR SO engagements with your post YOU ARE THE PROBLEM


M’I right I wrote “F*** TRUMP” on some sixty something posts from major

       sources and this morning

What you want if what you want is truth is I AM WHITE & truth

In truth the sh*t begins this sh*t BEGINS & it BEGINS & it BEGINS with white

BEGINNING with the WHITES who WHO who TOLD YOU that “this couldn’t

       happen this sh*t



& it does not have an end but in the middle there is ACTION that is that if

what you want is truth is TRUTH IS what I am is I AM WHITE is what I am to


and this is after watching all your friends/the media blame everyone around

EXCEPT for WHITES, & watch “I’m loving” & “I’m nice” stand RIGHT in front of I AM WHITE. we cried last nights, many genders in a circle, yes yes

what I am is WHITE white most of all I’m white disquieted and craven white and

       sad white white and male &


I am ALL like “ANYONE could write this” but in fact I’m white I WROTE THIS & I

        hope what we do is we ask myself why I HAD TO WRITE THIS &

I am like this isn’t very good and I am right white white

the WEST COAST riots to the music of the day and does not NOT mix metaphors

        but this is PITTSBURGH if I publish this AND IF I PUBLISH THIS I cannot say

        f*** but I’m allowed to say how MIFFED with LOTS OF F’S. Resonating out in front

        in front IN FRONT the mouth. This too is good.

the WEST COAST riots to the music of the day and does not mix its metaphors but

        what what PITTSBURGH does now now is we negotiate with COPS and if you 

        let us MARCH DOWN BAUM AGAIN and if you LET US thanks

and most of us are white & PLEASE & it’s not

& it’s not as if “Once everyone can be identified, we’ll have THAT WHICH THAT

        can be the algorithm for the optimum “diversity.”” #f***THAT #F*** F*** #f***TRUMP   feel better &


if what you want is data I AM I AM ALL LIKE



WE whites we did this F***ED THIS UP

& if you’re WHITE and THINK you’re gonna hide behind your gender or your


guess what GUESS YOU ARE THE guess you are A PROBLEM

& if what you want is TRUTH is what you want is BLAME, then BLAME the


        YOU &


& if what you really want is WE as in the WE the “WE SURVIVED THROUGH

           JOHNSON, NIXON, REAGAN, (CLINTON), BUSH, BUSH what what what

           WHATEVER what you are is wrong  is WHAT YOU ARE IS RACIST easily as

           “WE” is RACIST EASILY. The WE is often ALWAYS WHITE and we are often

            ALWAYS WHITE, so this makes sense


to say SELF-CARE is RADICAL & it is on the web and so is RADICAL is ACTION,

           seldom thought to be SELF-CARE

but this is all the TRUTH if what you want is true &

early in the morning FIRST NIGHT after when there was no sun NO WHITE it

          seemed SUDDEN suddenly the white LEFT government was needed NEEDED

          for the “revolution”. For example is was easier the night before to tell a cop to F*** HIMSELF f*** f*** and for example it was easier to SHOUT & shout f***


& f*** F*** F***

f*** F*** APOLOGIST tourette’s & then

& then suddenly the F*** came easy EASY F***

then suddenly got easier to F*** and F*** THE COPS because this is 100x

          non-violent &

the RADICAL itself is is itself & IS ITSELF SELF-CARE &


this is EASY gets & GETS to be way EASIER together, I am now WHITESPLAINING

Such as for example such as stop and rest your voice THIS ROUND it is still LOUD.

        The whitesplanation


need not anymore include BE SAYING we don’t need another vigil what we need is NEED TO ORGANIZE

        we need to ORGANIZE



if what you want is truth is WHITE that ripples in the fire of the day of every

           WHITE of WHITES. & WHITES—

WHITES, if you FEEL LIKE pretending this election wasn’t ever ALWAYS ALL

          ABOUT YOU, you deny what truth is TRUTH IS you DENYING TRUTH OF

          PRIVILEGE & this is the DEFINITION OF what what THE RACIST

but this is no the condemnation WHITE no just the gentle tender and non-violent



This is very simple it’s the simplest it’s a call to action CALL TO ORGANIZE we nd

            nw to ORGANIZE to stand tgthr ORGANIZE & stnd together LISTEN to them

            LISTEN listen up

I started to START start TEXTING everyone

I cannot apologize I TOOK TOO LONG I should have written earlier WAS

            WRITTEN I was in despair until the riot SO CAN YOU &

this is just the EPIC of the generation of the EPIC of the epic of the NOW of the

            NOT WAITING for the NOW the copy of the EPIC OF THE NOW

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