Best Illustrations of 2016

Terry Tan | Senior Staff Illustrator

From politics to hamburgers, we’re highlighting some of the best work by our staff illustrators from the past year.


Raka Sarkar | Staff Illustrator– Overcome hatred by fighting inequality

Terry Tan | Senior Staff Illustrator– Two-party system inhibits third party candidates

Raka Sarkar | Staff Illustrator– Pitt students learn obscure languages

Terry Tan | Senior Staff Illustrator– Welcome back 2016

Raka Sarkar | Staff Illustrator– Accessibility: a language we can all learn

Michelle Reagle | Staff Illustrator– Eat smarter not harder: appreciate your food

Raka Sarkar | Staff Illustrator– Top 10 albums of 2016

Raka Sarkar | Staff Illustrator– Trump presidency could hurt LGBTQ+ rights

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