Washington D.C. — 1:09 p.m.

People are funneling out of the metro with signs held high, chanting as if the march has already begun. Along Seventh Avenue, at the center of the National Mall, marchers are packed tightly together, holding onto one another’s jackets so they don’t get separated from their friends and family.

Off to the side of the mall, Bill and Abigail Endicott, both 71, of Bethesda, Maryland, are sitting, eating snacks and wearing all-red matching attire — away from all the action. The two have signs at their feet reading “Trump, stop disrespecting people!” and “Save our air, water, and food.” They’ve been involved in activism since the Vietnam War, when they saw their friend shipped off to battle under the draft. Abigail says she fondly remembers going to Washington D.C. to protest during the war.

“The tides began to turn after that,” Abigail says. “I felt really proud of that.”

Bill, a former Captain in the Marine Core Reserves, says he feels Americans too often forget about their need to fight for their rights.

“We go through periods where we relax on our struggle for rights, Bill says. “It’s not just coming to one demonstration like this. It’s what you do all year long.”

Abigail gets up to shake the hand of a friend she sees marching by, but has one more comment about why they came out today.

“I’m here because I love democracy,” Abigail says. “I love that people care enough to make their views known.”