SGB advocates for Counseling Center services in Pitt syllabi

SGB member are in the process of adding Counseling Center services to Pitt's syllabi. Kyleen Considine | Staff Photographer

With a new initiative, Pitt’s Student Government Board is hoping to make information about Counseling Center services one of the first things students will see in their fall semester classes.

Board member Justin Horowitz introduced a project Tuesday night to include Counseling Center Services in every student’s syllabi. Much like the Disability Services section, which federal law requires to be included, it will feature various Counseling Center services and how to access them.

If implemented, all class syllabi will be required to have the following Counseling Center’s information:

Counseling Services
How to Make an Appointment
Call (412-648-7930) or stop by the Wellness Center in Nordenberg Hall.
Triage Screening and Disposition appointments are offered daily.
Monday – Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
After-Hours Counseling Phone Numbers:
• General Mental Health Crisis Response: 412-648-7930
• Sexual Assault Response: 412-648-7856
Telephone support provided to enrolled students after regular business hours.
Emergency Situations
If you are in an emergency situation where danger is imminent and immediate help is required,
utilize the following resources:
• Call 911 or the Pitt Police at 412-624-2121
• Re:Solve Crisis Network 1-888-796-8226
Comprehensive crisis services for anyone residing in Allegheny County. Available 24/7.
• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255
You will be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area,
available 24/7.
For detailed descriptions of the services the Counseling Center provides please visit:

Horowitz said he wants the information to appear on every syllabus by the fall semester — especially for first-year students who are new to Pitt and not familiar with the counseling center.

“I was trying to think of a commonplace that students are constantly looking at, specifically first-year students, and found that class syllabi were this place,” Horowitz said.  

Last week, Horowitz met with Juan J. Manfredi, vice provost of undergraduate studies, who agreed that the information was vital for students and directed him to Provost Patricia E. Beeson. Horowitz said he plans to schedule a meeting with Beeson soon to discuss the initiative in detail.

After discussions with both the administration and Counseling Center, Horowitz said both agree that having this information in every syllabus would be extremely beneficial in promoting Pitt’s counseling service.

In addition to new initiatives, SGB passed a resolution to apply for the American Cancer Society Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative grant. The resolution was introduced two weeks ago but had to be tabled because of last week’s town-hall style meeting setup.

If the board receives the $20,000 grant, SGB can use the money to educate students on campus about tobacco use.

SGB President Natalie Dall said 78 percent of students responded to a survey put out on in favor of the resolution. While the organization is unsure exactly how they will use the funds, the board has been in contact with Penn State’s student government about how they applied and used the grant for educating students on the health risks associated with tobacco use.

“We need to make sure that we’re educating students fully on what it means to be tobacco-free versus smoke-free.” Dall said.  “We’re hoping that this grant will help us fund these efforts and also fund different education of what it means to be a tobacco-free or smoke-free campus.”

The meeting wrapped up with an announcement about the election for next year’s board. Student Government Elections will hold a debate next Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Nordy’s Place in the Union. The debate will allow slates — groups of students who are campaigning together — to explain why they are the best choice and what they plan to do next year. According to Julia Lee, elections committee chair, SGB writes questions for the candidates, and non-SGB members moderate the debate.

“[In] putting together some questions, we’re looking at the questions that we used from last years debate and whether or not it’s worth modifying them or introducing our own,” Lee said.  


Chabad at Pitt requested $1,853 in transportation costs for a guest speaker. The board approved the request in full.

Chabad at Pitt requested $3,148 for menorahs. The Board approved $1,574 and denied the other half.

Resident Student Association requested $3,223 in transportation and lodging costs for a performer for a mental health awareness program. The Board approved $1,473 and denied $1,750.

Strong Women Strong Girls requested $1,768.22 for travel expenses for mentors going to different elementary schools. The Board approved the request in full.

Women’s Club Ultimate requested $2,097.32 for registration and transportation for their competition in Seattle. The approved $1,975.72 and denied $121.60.

Pitt Cycling requested $2,000 for a their spring competitions. The Board approved their request in full.

Men’s Club Volleyball requested $5,780 for a national tournament. The Board approved their request in full.

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee requested $3,539.99 for a competition in Florida. The Board approved the request in full.

Pitt Triathlon requested $7,810.92 for the Belews Lake Triathlon. The Board approved $2,450 and denied $5,360.92.

UPTV requested $17,900.60 for new recording equipment. The Board approved $7,733.65 and denied $7,295.

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