Viral video shows cyclist being attacked in Oakland


Police are investigating a physical altercation between a cyclist and the driver of a red SUV that occured Thursday evening at the intersection of South Bellefield and Fifth avenues.

A video filmed at the scene by a man identified as Matt Hajduk, 26, shows the SUV driver, having already exited his vehicle, throwing the cyclist in the adjoining lane to the ground. The cyclist then stands up and the two men begin shouting at each other.

The SUV driver then picks up the cyclist’s bike and throws it at him, striking him with it. Before and during this action, Hajduk filmed the SUV’s license plate number and repeated it out loud twice.

The video goes dark for a few seconds but then shows that the cyclist got back on his bike. It ends with Hajduk calling the cyclist over and confirming that the man is alright, and then asking what he wants Hajduk to do with the video. The cyclist’s face is not filmed.

No one involved filed a report, but Pittsburgh Police are investigating the incident, according to a press release.