Staff Picks: Our Autumn Aesthetics


(Illustration by Maria Heines | Staff Illustrator)

By The Pitt News Staff

Though it is still grossly hot and humid in Pittsburgh, the “fall” semester has officially begun. This means it’s time to break out the Halloween decorations, order a pumpkin spice latte, start marathoning the “Halloweentown” movies and put on your favorite sweater and fashion scarf — even if your weather app says tomorrow’s high temperature is over 80 degrees. Fall trends are abundant, and our staff is here to share their thoughts on the popular — and slightly ridiculous — trends coming our way this spooky season.

Sweaters when it’s hot out // Sarah Connor, Culture Editor

There are many perks to having a studio apartment to yourself, one of them being I can set my air conditioning to very cold temperatures. I can then wear sweaters in the summer without worrying about anyone else freezing. I love wearing loose clothes but also feeling cozy and the only way to achieve that is with a giant sweater.

I can be found in most of my classes pulling a sweater out of my backpack as soon as I exit the heat — and not just a simple, button-up cardigan. My favorite sweaters are long crew necks, so long they could probably pass as dresses.

Sweaters are a perfect way to be lazy but fashionable. They work with jeans, leggings, sneakers, sandals, boots and pretty much everything else. But if you’re like me, you wear them with shorts because you can’t resist the comfort and style of a classic sweater, even if you’re roasting outside in the heat.

Jean Jackets // Joanna Li, Senior Staff Writer

The blue is back, but did it ever leave?

Staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends is hard — especially as every season brings new colors, fabrics and styles. But denim jackets are a look that has never gone out of style. They’re an essential for everyone’s closet, especially for those college students who are in a rush but still want to look retro and humble, Levi Strauss-style.

Jean jackets are for everyone to pair with any outfit, and they are perfect for that chilly fall breeze. I’ve found that investing in a quality jean jacket is the way to go because it will retain its integrity for years to come. They’re easy to come by and there are so many options for all fashion tastes. Whether it’s cropped, oversized, acid-washed or distressed, the old trend has made a comeback.

When it comes to styling, don’t be afraid to take the liberty of pairing it with sneakers, dresses or even sweatpants. And let’s not forget — denim-on-denim should be worn with confidence! Looking for more jean jacket styling tips? Just ask our Editor-in-Chief!

Pumpkin Spice Everything // Victoria Pfefferle-Gillot, Staff Writer

It’s already happening. Stores are decorating with autumn leaves, prepping their Halloween decorations and worst of all, advertising pumpkin spice everything. Must every drink, candle and sweet treat in the country turn into pumpkin spice? It’s terrible! Actually, putting the obsessive craze aside, I really enjoy pumpkin and pumpkin-flavored things, and wish it’d be more available outside of its fall-season trend.

While I’m not so much into coffee, pumpkin pie is one of my favorite desserts and I could easily eat a whole one by myself if I were bold enough to endure the stomachache the next day. The flavor isn’t overly sweet, so unlike brownies or cake, you don’t get sick of it as quickly. One of the best places to get a pumpkin pie is from a farmers market, second only to a bakery. They’re also fun and easy to make on your own, and I always end up making at least two around Thanksgiving — one to mess up and the other to proudly set out on the table.

Going off of food, good pumpkin spice candles always make a room smell much better and aren’t as strong or sharp as straight-up cinnamon-scented candles.

If you really abhor the taste and smell of pumpkin and spice, then don’t fear — it really only lasts through mid-November before the peppermint-fueled whirlwind of pre-Christmas trends takes the lead. I, however, welcome this trend and intend to see it to the finish.

Men’s Fall Fashion // Shahum Ajmal, Layout Editor

Gentleman, I’m afraid it’s almost time to put away the shorts, flamingo-printed button-downs and Birkenstocks (unless you’re a fan of socks and sandals — to which I say “live your life”) for the season.

Now is the time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe and what you are bringing to the streets of Oakland this semester. Fall is the perfect time to experiment with different fabrics, style yourself up with accessories and cool down your color tone with shades like orange, brown, tan and maroon.

Layer up your outfits to your heart’s desire. You can put these outfits together in minutes, while still feeling good and looking even better. Try a solid white tee with an unbuttoned flannel on top, or a maroon button-down with a light-navy windbreaker on top.

The art in men’s fall fashion comes in your ability to either dress up an outfit or dress it down. You can start off with a pair of dark denim jeans and brown boots, and either pair it with an Oxford button-down or a sweater, depending on the occasion.

So break out your best pea coats, windbreakers, crew necks, Chukka boots and cropped pants in order to dress to impress this semester.