Poetry: Flash Through Four Years

(Illustration by Sylvia Freeman | Staff Illustrator)

(Illustration by Sylvia Freeman | Staff Illustrator)

By Maggie Koontz, Senior Columnist

first year here,

eyes full of wonder

and optimistic at heart.

a taste of freedom

far from my home.

my dorm is not my own.

a stranger in this city.

sophomore scene

isn’t what it seems.

I am split be-

tween two cities,

not houseless, feeling homeless.

everything minor is major

and my future is up in the air.

junior year,

I’m hitting my stride.

found friends and family

surround me and when

I’m feeling low,

I know exactly where

I need to go.

a senior already

can’t believe it

where has the time gone?

time flies and mine has flown

the coop, this city,

has never looked so pretty

in my rearview mirror, so long.

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