Spooky Sonnet


Sylvia Freeman | Staff Illustrator

By Maggie Koontz, Senior Staff Columnist

Obey the laws on Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve,

because not everything is what it seems. That night

the veil between the worlds becomes quite obsolete.

The ghosts awake from dreamless sleep, creating fright

among young teens on silent gravestones, saying trick

or treat, won’t you give me something to eat? A mime,

a skeleton, a cat: three costumed kids all lick

their lollipops until they’re gone. After some time,

the little monsters return home with tummies full

of candy. Mummy greets the trio with a boo.

The homes darken, and streets relax into a lull.

Only the spirits roam the earth this night. But you,

young monster, mummy’s ghoul, are safely tucked in bed.

Don’t heed the quiet whispers. Please ignore the dead.

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