Training Camp Day 14-Friday August

By Staff

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Training Camp Day 14-Friday August 20

Posted on August 24, 2010 by sports

This afternoon was a battle between the passing game and the secondary. And while the offense completed plenty of nice passes, the secondary, and corner back Ricky Gary in particular, made a few more plays.

-Gary had three interceptions today, capping off a camp where he seemed to impress everyone with his cover skills against bigger receivers like Jon Baldwin and Mike Shanahan.

-One on play, Tino Sunseri and Shanahan had some miscommunication on a route and Gary took advantage by stepping in front of the pass.

-Gary was also the beneficiary of a tipped Sunseri pass, before pulling in another to complete his interception hat-trick.

-If Gary and the other corners can continue to play this way, the defense will be the best in the Big East and it won’t even be close.

-While Gary made his presence felt today, the quarterbacks still made plenty of nice passes.

-Devin Street hauled in a fingertip catch from Sunseri that floated over the head of Dom DeCicco that was put in a spot where only Street could catch it.

-Greg Cross caught another well-thrown ball over his shoulder, only this time the pass was from Pat Bostick.

-Then Sunseri and Shanahan got going. Shanahan caught a 20-yard touchdown in the front left corner of the end zone, before catching a pass across the middle for another score. Baldwin didn’t practice today so that left Shanahan as the No. 1 receiver and he took advantage.

-With the end of camp coming up this week, the players are all sore and tired, and the end of every camp usually gets a little feisty. Today was a prime example of that, as some of the players got into it.

-The most notable argument came when freshmen Todd Thomas and Brandon Ifill were pushing, shoving and sharing word after the whistle. This is all part of football camp though, and the players put it behind them as soon as practice ends.

News and Notes

-Greg Romeus and Ray Graham missed practice again. They’re reportedly getting better and we’ll continue to monitor their progress.

-Coach Wannstedt announced after practice that long snapper John Fieger has been suspended for the rest of camp for violating team policy, but is expected to be back with the team by the time they travel to Utah.

-Wannstedt also announced that freshman defensive tackle Khaynin Mosley-Smith is academically ineligible, forcing him to leave camp. He will probably go to prep school this year and come back to Pitt next season.