Meet the editors: News

By Erica Guthrie, Jon Moss, and Emily Wolfe

Did Market Central pass its latest health inspection? (Yes.) Which 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are planning a stop near campus? (None currently.) And what’s that protest in Schenley Plaza all about? (Look, we’re trying to figure it out.) 

On the news desk, we want to find and tell the stories that are important, interesting and relevant to Pitt students. The three editors on our team work with a staff of between 10 and 20 reporters to cover events, profile neat figures, publish strongly reported features and break news on campus. Is there something we should know about? Do you think we’ve missed something important in a story? We hope you’ll reach out to us at [email protected].

Head News: Emily Wolfe

I’m Emily, the news editor and a sophomore English writing and French major from northern Virginia. I joined The Pitt News early last fall as a student government beat reporter and worked as an assistant news editor in the spring before becoming sports editor for the summer. Now I’m back where I belong, on the news desk. I’ve found that journalism gives me the chance to hear stories from people I never would have met otherwise. This campus, and its City, are full of interesting people doing interesting things, and I hope that through the news desk, our readers will get to meet them too.

Assistant News: Erica Guthrie

I’m Eri, an assistant news editor and dual major in linguistics and Russian language from Montgomery County, Maryland. After doing journalism in high school, I got involved with The Pitt News as soon as I began my first year of college. Journalism has opened so many doors for me, but my favorite aspect of being a reporter is getting to meet so many people in the community with vastly different backgrounds and stories.

Assistant News: Jon Moss

I’m Jon, an assistant news editor and sophomore business major. I started at The Pitt News last year writing in-depth feature stories before serving as this summer’s news editor. My favorite part of being a news reporter is working on accountability reporting — holding Pitt accountable for its actions — and doing my best to explain how the University’s inner workings will affect students and the wider Oakland community.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the year’s headlines!