Meet the editors: still perfecting print

By Elise Lavallee and Eli Savage, Layout editors

Welcome to layout! Despite living in a digital world, we still believe paper copy helps to make news more accessible. As the editors responsible for designing the physical publication you may or may not be holding in your hands right now (hi, social media users), we’re happy to serve people who still prefer to read their news on paper.

Because of the nature of the layout desk, the work we do can only be seen in print copies of The Pitt News — found in news stands around campus or online at Make sure to keep an eye out for our special editions!

Elise Lavallee, co-layout

I’m Elise, a senior political science and gender studies major and part-time Twitter enthusiast. This will be my second year as layout editor and fourth year working at The Pitt News. In addition to layout, I write for the news desk and occasionally illustrate or take photos for the visuals desk.

Eli Savage, co-layout

I’m Eli, a junior studio arts major. I started out on the visuals desk doing illustrations, became assistant layout editor my third semester at The Pitt News and now I’m thrilled to be the co-head layout editor with Elise. Doing layout helps scratch my itch for obsessive neatness, and it’s super satisfying to make something look slick and easy to read.

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