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Sports. That’s it — that’s the tweet.

Kidding, but seriously, who doesn’t love a good sport? Even if you think you don’t like sports, take a closer look and you’ll realize you do. Whether it’s jaywalking across Forbes, speed-walking to your next class across campus in under 10 minutes or binge-watching a Netflix show in world record time, we all partake in activities that push our bodies to their physical limits.

Here at The Pitt News sports desk, we take pride in covering sports of every variety. Last year alone, we published stories centered on skating, sailing, cycling, Muay Thai and Quidditch, to name a few. We’re always looking for fresh angles and perspectives to keep readers on their feet and provide the sort of localized touch you won’t get from simply surfing

Of course, we’ll continue to provide timely coverage and analysis of all Pitt’s football, basketball and other sporting events as usual, along with columns on sports topics happening in the City of Pittsburgh and beyond. If you have any story tips please email and to stay up to date with the latest developments and recruiting news, follow @pittnewssports on Twitter.

Head sports editor: Trent Leonard

As the sports editor, it’s my duty to discover and share these stories with the student population. My name is Trent, and I’m an English writing and history dual major who started working for TPN as a sophomore in 2017. In the world of sports, I’m looking forward to both the NFL and NBA seasons, where both my Pittsburgh Steelers and Golden State Warriors are flying under the radar and will hopefully stun all those who doubted them.

Assistant sports editor: Stephen Thompson

I’m Stephen, a sophomore from Washington DC, majoring in communications and political science. This is my second year of work at the Pitt News and it has opened up a whole new world for me. Family roots from New England granted me a deep love of the Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox as well as Pitt football and basketball. After graduation I hope to work on political campaigns, but for now I’ll stick to sports. 


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