Las Palmas receives 13 health code violations


TPN file photo

The Las Palmas restaurant received 13 health violations from the Allegheny County Health Department Thursday.

By Erica Guthrie, Assistant News Editor

Las Palmas #2, a convenience store and taco stand located at 326 Atwood St. in South Oakland, received 13 health code violations from a health inspector from the Allegheny County Health Department Thursday. 

Of the violations, two were considered to be high risk, two were medium risk and nine were low risk. The violation areas included facilities to maintain temperature, cross-contamination prevention, cleaning and sanitization, wastewater disposal, handwashing facilities, pest management, certified food protection manager and contamination prevention relating to food, utensils, equipment and toxic items.

The high-risk violations were for multiple German roaches located in the meat department, a roach nest observed behind a freezer, a wall in disrepair and improper sanitization techniques for dishes. In terms of the medium-risk violations, the store was cited for not having a certified food safety manager present and having an outdoor sink that was not set up or working.

The low-risk violations included mouse droppings in various locations, having old poison pellets near their bread case, having a bucket of chorizo stored under an outside sink, overstuffed coolers, having a bathroom without a self-closing door and three violations relating to sinks — two were leaking and one was blocked.

The eatery was ordered to close on Jan. 24 this year due to health code violations and re-opened on Feb. 5. However, after Thursday’s visit, the Allegheny County Health Department has permitted Las Palmas to remain open.