Editorial: Top 10 Pitt establishments that need a TikTok


Hannah Heisler | Senior Staff Photographer

The library could be a perfect place to create some fun new viral content.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History made a TikTok last week, and we think it’s high time some other campus establishments, groups and local Pittsburgh icons hop on the TikTok clock. Here are our top 10 that we think should have a TikTok.

  1. SGB

The judicial chair of SGB stepped down last week due to other commitments, and Steven Jacobus is her replacement, SGB announced. Jacobus was the former vice chair of the committee, and it seems like he’ll be bringing a lot of good things to the job. Hopefully a TikTok is one of them.

  1. Campus construction workers

We already have this one planned out. Look through the construction fence and capture the workers doing construction on the crosswalk, while “walk sign is on to cross Bigelow” blares in the background — despite the fact that Bigelow is closed off entirely and there’s not a scrap of a need for a walk sign.

  1. Market

Put the stir-fry line to music and document the endless search through hell and highwater for a singular spoon.

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins

The Steelers have a TikTok and so do the Pirates — both notably haven’t won a game in like seven years. The Pittsburgh Penguins have, but they don’t have a TikTok. Come to think of it, maybe it’s a kind of superstition.

  1. Carnegie Library — Main

Arguably the best spot to study in Oakland, with its high ceilings and low overall volume. Plus, two men recently pled guilty to stealing millions of dollars’ worth of rare books from the library and selling them for profit. So, TikTok can be a sort of news source, if you will.

  1. The 61D during rush hour

If you want to ride down Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill during rush hour, good luck finding a seat, a handrail on the ceiling or any actual space for your body whatsoever. You might remember us saying that this bus could be a portal to a far away land. Let’s capture it on TikTok. And if the bus isn’t a portal, there’s always something interesting happening on the 61.

  1. Cathy elevators

The most boring TikTok in existence. Nothing happens. You just stand there and wait.

  1. The DruiDs

Charli D’Amelio who? We want to see the DruiDs in their black hoods doing TikTok dances.

  1. Professor Harry B. Kloman

Harry Kloman is not only our trusted news advisor, but also our hero and friend. You might find him teaching your Intro to Journalism and Nonfiction class or reading The New Yorker and Gay Talese — possibly all at the same time. He also met Joan Didion once, and he cooks Ethiopian food. There’s not enough of that on TikTok.

  1. The Pitt News

We went digital on Fridays last year, and now, we’re just going to deliver the news via TikTok. Stay tuned.

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