Editorial: Top 10 Pitt locations for a Valentine’s Day date


Thomas Yang | Assistant Visual Editor

There are plenty of good date spots on Pitt’s campus.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

It’s Valentine’s Day, and if you’re lucky, you and your partner have solidified plans. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re either single, or you have a date — but no idea what to do on said date. The Pitt News Editorial Board has a few suggestions for you and your lover this Valentine’s Day. And if you’re single, just take yourself on a date to one of these locations.

  1. South Oakland house porch

There is simply no place better — except maybe hell — to spend a Friday date night than on the porch of a house in South Oakland. Listen to people audibly yelp about their missing house keys, and, if you really pay attention, you’ll probably see your neighbor across the street puke over their balcony.

  1. Bellefield gym

If you want some privacy, the Bellefield gym might be the place for you. Most of us simply forget the place exists at all, and even if we remember, we have no idea where the entrance is, or how to actually find the fitness room.

  1. 501 Cathy 

Press floor five when you walk into a Cathy elevator and make a right into 501 — it might be heaven or it might be the English department. It’s another great date spot for privacy, because there are like 16 English majors on campus combined. And you thought you were here to read satire.

  1. A ride in the elevator

Take the Cathedral elevator from the ground floor to the 36th floor and see how well you can get to know your date during the ride. It’s like speed dating, except professors walk in and out along the way. 

  1. The 69 bus

We just want to take a trip out to Trafford. That’s all.

  1. The fountain by the Frick Fine Arts building

There are a few benches on the outskirts of this fountain. And yes, we pass this fountain daily, and we think it might be a panther statue, but we aren’t sure. And if it is a panther statue, why is it so dramatic? Why is this here at all?

  1. Market booth by the stir-fry station

There’s no background music for a date like hearing people scream “RICE” or “CHICKEN” at the stir-fry station. Also, these two booths are right near the women’s restroom, and there’s no better sound to hear on a date than that of a flushing toilet.

  1. WPU lobby

With your lover, sit in one of the big comfy chairs in the lobby by the ballroom and wait for the free food to appear on the side of the service desk. Sometimes it’s a pile of raw potatoes, and sometimes it’s a tub of hummus without any silverware and a vat of ground beef. But anything can be dinner if you try hard enough. Maybe.

  1. CLP stacks section

The Carnegie Library Main location on the edge of campus is first in our hearts. But our Valentine’s Day date can be second. The stacks are creepy, dark and nearly impossible to navigate without asking for help. Just bring your date there, and together, you might be able to find the book you’re looking for. 

  1. The 30A shuttle 

According to one of our editors, this campus shuttle really does exist, and it goes to the other side of the Boulevard. The 30A? We barely know it. Just like you probably barely know your date. 

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