Meet the editors: Digital


Photos courtesy of Lydia Chlpka, Megan Williams, and Ryan Yang.

Lydia Chlpka, Megan Williams and Ryan Yang are the digital editors at The Pitt News.

By Lydia Chlpka, Megan Williams, and Ryan Yang

We at The Pitt News’ digital desk stand by the old adage that the best things come in small packages. Despite having one of the tiniest working staffs, the digital desk works tirelessly to provide engaging, unique, cross-genre content that you wouldn’t always expect to see on the front page of a newspaper. Sure, facts and figures are important, but isn’t it fun to read about apocalyptic sexual fantasies? Political opinion pieces can be eye-opening, but so can the epic power of Abby Lee Miller. Sports coverage is an essential aspect of Pitt for many students, but so is the delectable quarantine cookbook.

The digital desk wants your weird stories, your well-written stories, your ‘is this even a story?’ stories. What we’re going to produce is even, sometimes, a mystery to us because one of our writers will inevitably shock us with their ingenuity. The Pitt community is full of vibrant people, not just the same few who make headlines — it’s a privilege to tell the unique stories of voices that might otherwise go unheard.

As editors, we get to oversee all of the excellence of our desk. Let us introduce ourselves:

Lydia Chlpka, Audience Engagement Editor

Hello, all! I’m Lydia Chlpka, a senior neuroscience and music performance double major. This is my second year at The Pitt News, and first year as the audience engagement editor. I worked as a copy editor last year and loved it so much that I’ll be continuing to do so in addition to my editorial board work this year. The only regret I have about working for the newspaper is that I didn’t start sooner — this staff is almost as dedicated to late-night snacks and inside jokes as it is to great journalism, and it is an immense pleasure to be a part of all of it.

Currently, I am applying to medical schools and hope to be off doing doctor things next fall. Besides working at TPN, I sing with the Heinz Chapel Choir, am on the recruitment committee for Phi Delta Epsilon and spend long hours trying to communicate with my cat. Tips appreciated.

Megan Williams, Digital Manager

I’m Megan Williams, a senior English writing major and creative writing minor. This is my second year at The Pitt News, and my first year as digital manager. I was a digital writer last year who authored several blogs, my favorite of which being “By the Book,” where I got to talk about in-class readings and real-life learning. I’m a total simp for good journalism, good friends and tent-based humor, so TPN is the perfect place for me.

I’m planning on earning my Master of Fine Arts in nonfiction writing next year. When I’m not working at TPN, I’m tutoring at the Writing Center, bullying my book club into reading fantasy or hanging out with my cats —named Harry and Draco, obviously. 

Ryan Yang, Online Visual Editor

Hey! I’m Ryan, a junior computer science major. This is my first year at The Pitt News, and I am so excited to get started! In my free time, I’m either playing poker as the cofounder of Pitt’s Poker Club or jamming out to some tunes/DJing! Right now I’m just trying to get through this weird online semester like the rest of us, but hopefully The Pitt News can keep y’all entertained with some juicy stories!