Meet the editors: Visual and Layout


Dalia Maeroff | Contributing Editor

Pictured left to right, Nathaniel Kohler, Shruti Talekar, Caela Go and Pamela Smith are the multimedia, layout and visual editors for the 2021-22 academic year.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When words become unclear, photographs can provide interesting insight into a particular moment and enhance a written piece by immersing the reader in a visual story. That’s where the visuals desk steps in.

Consisting of a wide variety of photographers, illustrators and videographers, the visuals staff at The Pitt News is responsible for capturing community events to supplement each published article.

Pamela Smith, Visual Editor

I’m Pamela Smith, a sophomore English writing and HPS major also pursuing a certificate in public communication of science and technology. This is my first year as visual editor, but I’ve been with The Pitt News as a photographer since my first semester. The Pitt News was a great way to start my time at Pitt, allowing me to attend a variety of different events, meet so many new people and learn about Pittsburgh and its inhabitants. When I’m not taking photos, you can find me exploring my home state, New Jersey, eating the El Jefe bowl at Roots or playing Stardew Valley.

Caela Go, Assistant Visual Editor

I’m Caela Go, a junior computer science and information science double major with a minor in film and media studies. I joined The Pitt News as a staff photographer during the fall of my first year and became a senior staff photographer the following semester. This is my second year as assistant visual editor and I’m immensely grateful for all the opportunities I’ve experienced (and photographed!) and all the cool people I’ve met while here. The Pitt News has really encouraged me to come out of my shell and has made me more cognizant of issues that affect both Pitt and the larger Pittsurgh community. In my free time, I’m either tending to my houseplants, learning to cook new recipes or petting all the dogs in Schenley Plaza.

Nathaniel Kohler, Multimedia Editor

Hello loyal readers of The Pitt News! I’m Nathaniel Kohler and this will be my second year at The Pitt News as the multimedia editor. Telling stories through the medium of video is an incredible privilege for me, and it means so much to be able to tell those stories with such a talented and supportive staff of videographers at an institution like The Pitt News. I can’t wait to see how the paper continues to grow this year, and I’m excited to get to work. Make sure to check out our videos right here:

Shruti Talekar, Layout Editor

Hey, I’m Shruti! I’m a layout editor and illustrator at TPN. I’m in charge of assembling the text and photographs for all the print editions. I started out as an illustrator for TPN back in my first year, and now this is my third year working here!