Pitt adds 79 new COVID-19 cases since Sept. 15


Pamela Smith | Visual Editor

Pitt’s CoVax Vaccination Center located at the bottom of Nordenberg Hall.

By Martha Layne, Assistant News Editor

Pitt officials said Thursday that 59 students and 20 employees tested positive for COVID-19 from Sept. 15-21. The report also said 94% of undergraduate students on the Oakland campus have uploaded proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

According to an email sent by Pitt’s COVID-19 Medical Response Office, 97% of undergraduates living on campus and 92% of those living off campus submitted proof of vaccination. The office also said 95% of graduate students, 91% of faculty and 89% of staff uploaded proof of vaccination.

The CMRO reported a 93% overall undergraduate vaccination rate, as of last Thursday. At the time, 93% of graduate students, 82% of faculty and 84% of staff had provided proof of vaccination.

The email also said there is a new testing facility on the first floor of the O’Hara Student Center, but it is only available for people in danger of imminently losing building access who need a negative test result back quickly, exposed contacts and exposed, asymptomatic individuals.

The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday authorized the Pfizer vaccine to be administered as a single booster dose at least six months after the completion of the primary series in certain populations. A panel from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommended today a third dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for certain at-risk populations.

The CMRO email said Pitt is prepared to administer booster vaccines when guidelines are finalized, subject to availability. The office said those who are vaccinated within the Pitt community should not worry and be confident in the protection from their current vaccine doses. 

The Pitt CoVax Vaccination Center is open six days a week with expanded hours throughout September.

The CMRO also laid out “courtesy rules” for indoor public spaces, and said they encourage people with any symptoms to seek care from a healthcare professional. The rules are:

  1. If you need to cough, please step outside.
  2. If you have a persistent cough, please leave the class.
  3. Keep your mask on with mouth and nose covered, even when coughing or sneezing.
  4. No eating or drinking in classrooms.
  5. If you feel ill, please stay at home.

The CMRO said it is important that the Pitt community receive their flu shots as well. Students can receive a flu shot Sept. 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the HealthyU Fair.