Editorial | The top 10 scariest things we saw this Halloween


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Pitt News editors rank the top 10 scariest things they saw this Halloween — including party hunting in South O and $80 Uber rides.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

Despite the unusually warm weather and midterm burnout, Halloween still arrived. Whether you were out at an uncomfortably crowded party or at home watching Halloweentown for the 42nd time, there was definitely some spookiness in the air this weekend. 

Halloween in 2021 can be a scary time. The COVID-19 pandemic has no clear end in sight and our country gets more and more polarized each day. The most terrifying part of Halloween this year, though, was Mitt Romney and ​​Kyrsten Sinema’s Ted Lasso costumes — those send a shiver down the spine. Besides that, here are the scariest things we saw this Halloween weekend.

The ACC referees

This weekend’s devastating loss against Miami has to be one of the scariest things we saw this Halloween. These refs must have been possessed by the ghosts of bad referees past to make such unfair calls.

The surge pricing on Uber

There is nothing scarier than trying to get an Uber to go to a Halloween party five minutes away and seeing an $80 price tag. At least getting frostbite from walking in a skimpy costume is free!

People not getting your Halloween costume

Whether it’s a really obscure character or a half-assed costume, the scariest part of Halloween is having to explain your costume over and over to drunk people who just don’t get it. 

Going to Spirit Halloween on Oct. 30

With the line around the block and the costumes picked clean, the Halloween store the day before Halloween resembles a zombie apocalypse. The prices for a cheap piece of fabric that you wear for one night have got to be the scariest part.

Being broken up with after buying a couples costume

There is nothing more haunting than seeing a Jim without his Pam or a crying peanut butter without her jelly. The ghost of relationships past would be a more apt costume for anyone heartbroken this Halloween.

The large groups of people party hunting in South O

The looming shadows that appear on the street as people walk down Semple looking for parties are truly spooky. They are like vampires out for blood — or maybe they’re just college students looking for free alcohol. 

Bodily fluids in the street

The lack of social awareness people have on Halloween is astounding. People will puke in a bush or pee in someone’s yard like monsters. Truly haunting.

The lines at Antoon’s and Frenchi’s

After a Halloween party, it seems like everyone and their mother wants some greasy food, but the long lines wrapping around the block send a shiver down our spines. Is a sandwich at 2 a.m. even worth it?

The hangover

Halloween being on a Sunday means the potential for four hangovers this weekend, something that is truly bone-chilling. Having your head leaning over the toilet at a Halloween party while “Monster Mash” plays faintly in the background is definitely a cursed memory that many had this weekend.

All the homework to be done after Halloween

Halloween really puts the “scary” in Sunday scaries. That pile of homework that you haven’t touched since Wednesday haunts all Pitt students.