Poetry | Hike

By Ny'Ara Willis, Staff Writer



pink on blue painted

plastered upon the horizon

take a whiff in, the wind

blowing up your nose

and underneath your gentle

eyelids. Protection, your 

curly lashes hold no 

stance, the wind. The breeze

and bridges and buildings 

across the street they breathe.

a slow painful breath,

stuck in a sense of purpose.

In service to: human race.

Pittsburgh. Downtown.

Penguins fans, the opposing team. 

Steelers fans, the opposing team.

I win because I’m the one with 

the wind and the end of 

a puff of smoke. 

Down, watching the sunset.

Might take a hike, like under the 

Texas sun, a hike into the sunset.

A collage of color and faces, 

nature and elevations. 

Take a hike.