Pitt adds 69 new COVID-19 cases since Nov. 10


Pamela Smith | Visual Editor

Pitt will implement a COVID-19 vaccine requirement after Thanksgiving break, on Dec. 6. COVID-19 cases remain low.

By Martha Layne, Assistant News Editor

Pitt officials said Thursday that 43 students and 26 employees tested positive for COVID-19 from Nov. 10 to Nov. 16.

According to an email sent by Pitt’s COVID-19 Medical Response Office, cases remained “low.” They also reminded members of the Pitt community who plan on traveling for Thanksgiving that they need to be cautious about COVID-19 mitigation and not travel with symptoms.

The O’Hara on-site testing center for asymptomatic individuals will be open Monday and Tuesday next week, according to the CMRO. For those staying on campus over break, only the Panther Central Quest test drop-off site will be open Thursday through Sunday. Anyone who needs to participate in mandatory testing must get tested early in the week or before leaving campus. Tests can also be mailed back via any FedEx box. 

The CMRO also reminded unvaccinated members of the Pitt community about the interim COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all students, faculty and staff. The policy said a COVID-19 vaccine will be required starting Dec. 6 for everyone without a religious reason, medical reason or “strong moral or ethical conviction.”

The CMRO also offered a word of thanks to those who have volunteered at a vaccination clinic — 1,723 people and counting since January — as well as those who have been vaccinated, continue to wear their masks and look out for the safety of others.