Dorm-life Dining | Easy Tiramisu Dip

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Ellyana Gomez | Staff Writer

Tiramisu Dip made in a Pitt dorm room.

By Ellyana Gomez, Staff Writer

The literal meaning of tiramisu in Italian is “pick me up” or “cheer me up,” and with finals approaching, we could all use a little of that, especially one with coffee involved.

Traditionally, you make tiramisu by layering ladyfingers dipped in a coffee and rum mixture with a mascarpone and sugar mixture. This recipe features ingredients that are a little easier to find in Forbes Street Market or Giant Eagle, and transforms it into a simple single serving for when you need a little treat after spending all day in Hillman. Good luck on finals and happy holidays! 


1 bag Milano cookies 

½ cup Mascarpone cheese 

¼ cup Heavy whipping Cream/cool whip 

2 tablespoon powdered sugar 

3 tablespoon Coffee



1 bowl 


1.  Mix mascarpone, cream and powdered sugar in one bowl until thoroughly combined.

2. Pour coffee into mixture. Combine thoroughly until a smooth fluffy dip. 

3. Dip cookies in dip and enjoy with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate!