Panthers on Politics | Why we need ‘Black joy’ during Black History Month

By Ben Pisano and Sinead McDevitt

Civic Influencers fellow Ruby Scupp hosts a conversation with Ben Pisano, a staff writer at The Pitt News, Jaycee Brown, an organizer at-large for Civic Influencers, and Jacob Scupp, director of research at The Black Institute in New York City.

They talk about the origin of Black History Month, Black joy and how students can support the Black community.

During the podcast, they reference some events Pitt hosted during February, including a talk with Damon Young, the author of the award-winning memoir “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Blacker,” and “A Night of Celebration: Honoring Local Heroes of Black Resistance,” which honored six Pittsburghers — some Pitt affiliates — who have championed equality, inclusion and anti-racism initiatives in the city. Pisano also mentions an article he wrote on Pitt’s new majorette team.

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Audio edited by Sinéad McDevitt.

Music by FASSounds from Pixabay.