SGB appoints new Senate Council representative

By John Manganaro

SGB President Charlie Shull announced last night that Board member Sam Rezaeian will replace… SGB President Charlie Shull announced last night that Board member Sam Rezaeian will replace former member Phil LaRue at University Senate Council meetings this year.

LaRue, who did not return to Pitt this fall for personal reasons, was among the three highest vote-getters in last year’s SGB election, earning him a seat at Senate Council meetings.

Now that LaRue has left the board, Rezaeian — the fourth-highest vote-getter — will replace him at the meetings.

Shull said he confirmed Rezaeian’s appointment with the Board’s former adviser Joyce Giangarlo.

SGB’s next step is to find a new member in LaRue’s absence, Shull said.

The Board will not host another election to replace LaRue. Students interested in the seat will instead be able to submit applications to SGB.

All collected applications will be reviewed at a public meeting, in accordance with the Board’s constitution.

Shull said he has put together the application and will present it to the Board at its first special election-planning meeting on Monday.

Once the application is approved, Shull said SGB will advertise the process as much as possible and invite all students to apply.

“There is only going to be a short window for applications. We just have too much to accomplish this semester to take it slow,” Shull said.

He hopes to have the application available within one or two weeks. The tentative deadline for applications is set for Sept. 17, followed by interviews Sept. 21.

Shull said the appointment deadline is Sept. 28.

“That gives the new member October and November to serve, and they would be allowed to run again for re-election,” Shull said.