Girmai: Summer style tips

By Bethie Girmai

We’ve all seen them — the halter tops that accentuate a girl’s back fat,… We’ve all seen them — the halter tops that accentuate a girl’s back fat, the low rise cutoffs that expose that muffin-top and the midriff bearing tank tops emblazoned with something like “sexy mama.”

It can’t be denied, summer attire can be tricky and hemlines have a tendency of rising with the temperature.

The truth is that most of us aren’t built like supermodels, so skimpy clothes just aren’t right for some people. For clothes to really work, sometimes it’s more important to dress to flatter your body shape rather than your dream body.

So if you find something from Dolce and Gabbana’s summer collection that catches your eye, but isn’t appropriate for work — or anything for that matter — find a cheaper alternative that incorporates certain details of the outfit.

There are certain items a girl should always invest in when the seasons transition from spring to summer. These staples will guide you through the summer and hold over your shopping needs well into the fall.

First, we’ll tackle the shorts. Every girl should have a pair of white, khaki and denim shorts to wear in the summer. When you go out to purchase said items, there are some guidelines to take into consideration.

For white shorts, look for a pair that is thick enough so no one will spy your days-of-the-week underwear, but airy enough that you won’t suffocate in the summer heat.

Khakis are great because there is no wrong way to wear them — unless they’re too short. Any shade of khaki is acceptable because it’s such a versatile color.

For jean shorts (or jorts), think of Daisy Duke’s, then buy the exact opposite of such a pair. Cutoffs are far from flattering.

Here are a few rules for successfully wearing jorts: No jeans shorts with frayed hems! The only exception are jorts with a longer hem. If the shorts run longer, frayed hems are acceptable. Furthermore, jorts should be slightly looser than most other shorts, because the fabric is so heavy. J. Crew makes a great pair that falls mid-thigh, is double-cuffed and has a destroyed look. Finally, the No. 1 rule of shorts is to err on the side of caution when it comes to length.

The next items are open to interpretation, because there are so many ways to wear them. Make sure you have a light sundress for cute parties.

Invest in a pair of rain boots for that inevitable summer shower. Always have a white Oxford shirt on hand, which can be worn again and again, because it transcends every season.

Lastly, find a pair of strappy sandals in a practical color like black, brown or white.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be frolicking your way through picnics, barbecues and pool-side cocktail parties in style.