SGB meets in Nordy’s Place for first time

By Carla Trinca-Conley

Student Government Board met in Nordy’s Place for the first time last night —… Student Government Board met in Nordy’s Place for the first time last night — with a few minor glitches.

At first, it was difficult to hear members of the Board speak from the back of the room. Fortunately, Dean of Students Kathy Humphrey found a microphone for the Board to use, Shull said.

Students filled more than 40 chairs in front of the stage where Board members sat at two tables.

About 10 students were playing pool, pingpong, watching the Olympic bobsledding races and eating when the meeting first began. After finishing their pool game, some students stayed to observe the meeting for several minutes.

SGB President Charlie Shull said he “somewhat forced” students into the meeting by bringing it into the ground floor of the William Pitt Union.

“I knew you weren’t coming up to the eighth floor,” Shull joked, “so we decided to come down to you.”

Shull said he thought the meeting went really well. There were three or four students who stayed for about half an hour, Shull said.

“That’s half an hour more education about Student Government Board than they had before,” Shull said.

The Board also announced its website was updated yesterday with the members’ contact information and information about their office hours. It also updated the information about committee chairs, who were appointed last week.

During the allocations portion of the meeting, the Board approved $6,387.16 for the African Student Organization. The group plans to bring comedian Godfrey to appear at its upcoming event.

The Board also approved Hillel Jewish University Center with $1,301.92. The group plans to bring Alysa Stanton, America’s first female African-American rabbi, to appear at its upcoming event.

The Board postponed an allocations request made by the Black Dance Workshop for further review.

The group had hoped to receive funding for new costumes for its upcoming dance production totaling $3,400.20.

The Board wanted to discuss funding with the allocations committee and the group before making a decision.

After the Board addressed all of this week’s allocations requests, Shull announced that 56 students are currently scheduled to attend Pitt Day in Harrisburg, during which students will visit state legislators in an effort to get more funding for the University.

Shull encouraged students to “go lobby in Harrisburg for your money.” He commended students for their interest and involvement in the issue.