Editorial: Palin uses her skills at Fox News

By Staff Editorial

When Sarah Palin resigned from office last July, she alluded to using her newfound free time to… When Sarah Palin resigned from office last July, she alluded to using her newfound free time to help change the country and assist military members, according to MSNBC. Interestingly, stepping down did not cost Palin her media presence. On the contrary, the public has been frequently updated on her latest comments on Twitter. Over 1 million strong follow her on Facebook.

It should not surprise anyone then that she has signed on as a contributor with Fox News. She will appear on various network shows, examining stories of ordinary Americans.

Although some will say Palin has grounded herself more strongly as a 2012 presidential candidate, her track record might point in another direction.

Signing onto a few shows commenting about American’s lives has little if any political energy. Compared to Mike Huckabee’s live political dialogue, Palin’s contribution will not likely unify and invigorate the Republican Party. It doesn’t appear to advance the GOP in any way, nor will it directly change the country.

There might be more to this signing than a political outlook will lead one to believe. It’s necessary to understand Palin as a person and not a politician to appreciate the meaning of this new deal.

Palin has a history of being a public figure, a person who can charm. In 1984, she won the Miss Wasilla pageant and finished third in the Miss Alaska pageant. Her book, “Going Rogue,” topped the New York Times Bestseller List the first week of December 2009. Her education was in communications and journalism. In the 1980s she worked as a part-time sports presenter for the KTUU station in Anchorage, Alaska.

This new career direction might be her calling. A 2012 presidential bid is not impossible, but it does not fit the type of person she has shown to be. This new deal does.

Perhaps her resignation is more understandable considering Palin’s celebrity status. Alaska became too small for her after heavy exposure and publicity during her vice presidential bid. A network like Fox News and its corresponding viewing community are more her realm.

This new position comes with numerous benefits. She will delight Republicans as she always has and upset Democrats with her disdain of their initiatives. Palin will only increase the network’s ratings. Additionally, Palin can hone her oratory and public speaking skills on such a show.

If a faction of the Republican Party felt Palin was dragging down the 2008 GOP ticket, it may have had some merit. Though Sarah Palin is not lacking in skill, she needed the right ground to sow her ideas.

Considering the public’s reception of the the former governor of Alaska publicly, it is clear America might not consider her a politician, but an idol. Given the right focus and the right content, Palin might be a strong asset to the GOP from her stage on Fox News. She might not have to be an actual candidate, but with time, Palin can sway and shape opinion, priming America for a Republican candidacy, whoever it may be, in 2012.