Letter to the Editor 11/17

By Daniel Baliban

To the Editor,

This letter concerns the Weezer concert contest reported in Thursday’s… To the Editor,

This letter concerns the Weezer concert contest reported in Thursday’s issue.

Weezer’s early work was phenomenal. The Blue Album was the first album with which I fell in love.

On Pinkerton, the band was far more introverted, a little more rowdy, but still going strong. Its next album to drop: The Green Album. Although it is still a decent rock album, the band had already started to, dare I say it, sell out.

The bright lights, motocross and towering amplifiers featured in the video for “Dope Nose” perfectly symbolized the band’s ejaculatory induction into the mainstream — and the eventual release of its next album, Maladroit, was the death of a band I once loved.

Make Believe, The Red Album and finally Raditude followed, all a mere creative afterbirth of their ’90s sessions.

I once loved Weezer, but the band changed. It sold out hardcore.

I feel betrayed and let down by a group with which I grew up, whose presence I savored, whose jokes made me laugh and whose advice I used to take.

Here’s my proposition: This latest concert endeavor was so blatantly cocksure and unprecedented that no one should vote.

Just imagine if Rivers Cuomo and his cronies found out that no colleges wanted them. Maybe that would shock the guys into working hard and releasing something worthwhile.

Then again, they’ve come out with more garbage than music by now, and perhaps it’s a lost cause. Why, Weezer? Why?

Daniel Baliban

School of Arts and Sciences