Extreme Makeover: Heinz Chapel undergoing preservation process

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Extreme Makeover: Heinz Chapel undergoing preservation process

By Sabrina Romano / Staff Writer

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Heinz Memorial Chapel is currently undergoing a $600,000 preservation process, according to Pat Gibbons at the Heinz Chapel Office. 

SSM Industries, Inc. is installing a climate control system in the chapel, Gibbons said. The project was started in December 2014 and is expected to be completed in May 2015. 

“The objective [is] to achieve humidity and even temperature control,” University spokesman John Fedele said.

Heinz Chapel was built by architect Charles Klauder and was dedicated by the Heinz family on Nov. 20, 1938. University organist Robert S. Lord and Chatham College organist Russell G. Wichmann dedicated the current organ on March 21, 1971. The current organ replaced the original organ, which was damaged in the 1960s.

The climate control system will help preserve the organ, stained glass and interior woodwork, Fedele said, and the University has taken proper precautions to make sure that the organ and stained glass are not damaged during the preservations.

“The organ itself was professionally demounted, crated and stored to prevent any damage and will be remounted at the end of the project,” Fedele said.

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