Survey ranks Pitt as top public school in “Best Neighbor” survey

By Lindsay Carroll

A recent survey ranked Pitt as the nation’s “Best Neighbor” public university for its… A recent survey ranked Pitt as the nation’s “Best Neighbor” public university for its impact on the Pittsburgh urban community.

“Saviors of Our Cities: A Survey of Best College and University Civic Partnerships” ranked 25 institutions based on their positive impact on their cities.

The editors of the survey included schools based on revitalization, cultural renewal, economics and community service and development, a news release published by Pitt said.

Evan Dobelle, former president of the New England Board of Higher Education, wrote a report about the survey results.

In the report, Dobelle said the relationship between universities and local communities was “more important than ever.”

“Pitt has set the dimensions of pace and engagement in Pittsburgh,” Dobelle wrote in the survey. “Its neighborhood collaborations have resulted in physically and economically revitalized neighborhoods.”

Pitt ranked in second place in the survey when compared with both private and public institutions, tying with the University of Dayton. University of Pennsylvania and University of Southern California, both private schools, tied for first place in the survey.

Chancellor Mark Nordenberg said the survey results were a “wonderful” form of recognition for the University.

“The people of Pitt always have been proud to claim Pittsburgh as our home and have worked hard to create and support programs that add to the economic strength, social vitality and overall attractiveness of the community,” Nordenberg said.

In 2006, Pitt ranked 6th among public institutions and 18th among all schools.