This Weekend … 2.25 – 3.1

By The A&E Staff

Thurs., Feb. 26 (through Mar. 6)


Studio Theatre

Cathedral of Learning basement

8 p.m. (2 p.m. on Sunday)

Tickets available at box office

Pitt’s Theatre Arts program will perform Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann’s biting satirical musical “Urinetown” this week. The student-directed Student Labs production tackles everything from capitalism to bureaucracy, imagining a society in which a massive water drought forces everyone to pay to use public bathrooms. In the pay-to-pee monopoly, the justice system sends offenders who don’t pay to a penal colony called “Urinetown.”

Sun., March 1

Sleater-Kinney (with Lizzo)

Stage AE

400 North Shore Drive, North Shore

7 p.m.


Sleater-Kinney’s No Cities to Love was an impassioned, triumphant return after ten years off from music. Although the record isn’t as politically razor-sharp as the band’s earlier work, it’s the kind of comeback that suggests the live shows will rock like they did in 2004.