Student Government Board sworn in at inauguration


By Emily Ahlin / Staff Writer

At Pitt’s Student Government Board inauguration last night, both Pitt Chancellor Patrick Gallagher and newly inaugurated Board President Graeme Meyer prioritized partnerships for this upcoming year.

In the William Pitt Union’s Lower Lounge, Pitt’s SGB president and eight Board members began were sworn into their terms. They will hold office, which will last until Spring 2016, as the Board transitions from a calendar-year term to an academic-year term. 

Throughout his remarks, Gallagher emphasized that partnerships, in general, were the “key of being successful.”

“I think we could be great allies,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher said he intends to work with Meyer, on Meyer’s agenda for the Board.

Meyer said his first plan of action is to create a task force to reevaluate how SGB works.  

In his remarks to the newly inaugurated SGB, Gallagher told to the incoming Board that being on student government is ”not the power that you think” it is.   

Instead, Gallagher said, the job of SGB is to “set the conditions for success” for the University community.

In his farewell address, outgoing SGB President Mike Nites said the “one thing [he’s] most proud of,” was the Board’s unity throughout the course of the year.

Nites closed his address with words for the new Board. 

“It’s okay to respectfully disagree,” Nites said. “But don’t let it ruin friendships.” 

Nites said he experienced his own conflicts during his time in SGB. 

“I look forward to seeing how you shape SGB in your own way,” he said. 

After Nites swore Meyer in as the new SGB President, Meyer swore in his Board. Meyer gave his inauguration speech where he thanked Nites and the 2014 Board. He also thanked his parents, who drove more than five hours to surprise him at the inauguration. 

In his speech, Meyer said to the Board, “We can’t get caught up in the here and now.” He said that he and the Board have to think about future Pitt students as well. 

Meyer said “maximum unity” was important. He asked the Board to get input from each other every step of the way throughout the term. 

To close the evening, Elections Chair Lauren Barney offered advice about perseverance to the incoming Board.

“Always remember that constant dripping hollows a stone,” Barney said.