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Where Yinz from?

By Cristina Holtzer and Danielle Fox / The Pitt News Staff

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Danielle Quigley, a junior marketing major, quoted on students who say they are from “outside of Philly.”

“I am from Northeast Philly. My neighborhood is called Lonsdale. When I got to Pitt and everyone kept saying they were from Philly, I was super frustrated. At first, I got really excited. I would ask ‘What high school did you go to?’ And, they would say, ‘West Chester.’ That’s not my city! I used to call people out, but I started to just embrace it because the majority of people here will say it. I will accept 10 minutes outside of the city, but if you are from Doylestown … uh-uh. Stop trying to be something you’re not!”

Where are Pitt students from?

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Where Yinz from?