Pitt Bucket List

By Emma Solak / Staff Writer

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To students: What do you want to accomplish before graduating from Pitt? 

To alumni: What do you think undergrad students should do before graduating from Pitt?


“Find what I’m most passionate about.” — Oana Grigoras, sophomore religious studies and biology major.

“Go on a vacation with all my college friends in another country.” — Maria Cristina Marcos, sophomore neuroscience and anthropology major.

“Bar crawl in the South Side.” — Cassidy Zimmerman, sophomore communications and psychology major.

“Go to the very top of the Cathedral.” — Julia Fernandes, sophomore applied developmental psychology major.

“Have a better sense of what I want to do with my life.” — Catherine Bukspan, junior neuroscience major.

“Earn a 4.0 semester.” — Mikalya Ferchaw, sophomore biochemistry major.

“Get a job before I graduate.” — Suzy Hinkle, junior chemical engineering major.

“Get someone to pay for graduate school before I graduate from undergrad.” — Kelsey Kern, sophomore psychology and sociology major.

“Go kayaking on the three rivers.” — Harry Clapsis, senior economics major.

“Visit the Milkshake Factory in South Side.” — Andrew Abboud, senior religious studies and biology major.

“Visit every restaurant in Oakland.” — Anna Valliant, junior communications sciences and disorders major.

“Watch the Bucs play from a boat.” — Jordan Kurzum, sophomore hispanic language and literature major.

“Take in the view from Mount Washington at night.” — Kyriakos Theophanous, junior neuroscience.

“Finish the OCC.” — Alice Snook, sophomore political science and Italian. 

“Have a class in every Pitt building.” — Umeka Ganjoo, sophomore psychology and pre-med major.

“Permanently leave Banana Republic and retail by the time I end my four years at Pitt.” — Jennifer Henschel, junior accounting and international business major.

“Visit more places than just the University.” — Amanda Richey, freshman applied developmental psychology major.

“Win the ACC championship for discus.” — Jim Toth, freshman business major.

“Have the research I work on get published in a scientific journal.” — Becca Krall, senior neuroscience major.

“See a musical or Broadway play in Pittsburgh.” — Katherine Willie, senior psychology and pre-med major.

“Get a tattoo that somehow summarizes my entire life growing up and going to college in Pittsburgh.” — Claire Juozitis, junior marketing/international business major.

“Eat at every gyro place in the greater Pittsburgh area.” — Maria McClatchey, junior anthropology and linguistics major.

“Skydive.” — Twesha Mitra, sophomore economics and computer science major.

“Get job experience.” — John Linahan, freshman engineering major.

“See a show or a concert at Consol or Stage AE.” — Veronica Parkinson, sophomore math major.

“Tailgate and go to a football game.” — Chelsea Yelk, senior marketing major.


“Spend one quiet hour in Heinz Chapel.” — J. Roger Glunt, 1960 graduate, home builder.

“Attend a football game at Heinz Field.” — S. Jeffrey Kondis, 1977 graduate, strategic harketing manager, L.B. Foster Company.

“Take the Nationality Rooms Tour at Christmas.” — Mary Ellen Callahan, 1990 graduate, attorney.

“When you hear people in the room next door laughing like crazy, be brave and knock on the door and ask, ‘What’s so funny?’ You might just meet some of the best friends you’ll ever know.” — Angela Timashenka Geiger, 1992 graduate, Chief Strategy Officer for the Alzheimer’s Association.

“Explore every floor of the Cathedral.” — Alex Patterson, 2011 graduate, currently a Ph.D. student for electrical engineering at Pitt.

“Run through Schenley Park. Get swiped into Market by a freshmn. Go to museums. Take the 3 liter challenge at Hofbrauhaus.” —Michael Watson, 2013 graduate, currently at University of Virginia for medical school.

“Attend a big Pitt basketball game in the Zoo.” — JD Schroeder, 2014 graduate.

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