Tuition increase approved for next term

By Cristina Holtzer / News editor

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During the upcoming academic year, Pitt students will pay an average of 3.3 percent more in tuition because of University-wide fee increases approved at a Board of Trustees meeting held July 18.

The board’s executive committee agreed on a $1.97 billion budget for the fiscal year that started on July 1 and included tuition increases for students across all of Pitt’s campuses, according to a University release. Main campus students will pay 3.9 percent more per year, or an extra $316 per semester for in-state arts and sciences students. Out-of-state students studying in Oakland will pay $511 more per semester.

Both in- and out-of-state students at Pitt’s regional campuses will pay 2 percent more each year. Regional campus students face a lower increase because of “the University’s multi-year commitment of lower tuition increases on the regional campuses,” the release said.

Arthur Ramicone, University chief financial officer, said that financial aid budget will rise to $168 million this year.

“Consistent with the University’s long-standing practice, the financial aid budget has been increased by the same percentage amount as the blended tuition-rate increase,” Ramicone said.

The 2015 budget also includes a “salary-increase pool of 2.5 percent” for faculty and staff.

Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg said that Pitt maintains a goal to lower tuition in the future but that it “has become increasingly difficult in the face of eroding state support.”

“The budget passed by our board today positions the University to continue to deliver the highest quality education to our students,” Nordenberg said.

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