New Student Guide: Letter from the editor: Welcome to Pitt and the Pitt News

By Natalie Daher / Editor-in-Chief

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In a few semesters, you might not even recognize the person holding this 84-page paper.

A craving for vivacity and a thirst for exploration brought you to Pitt’s urban campus, and I commend you for it. You’re in the initial — and, in many ways, enthralling — stage of carving out your niche in this colorful city, bubbling with academic, cultural and athletic opportunities.

For me, at least, the notion that I was entering the “best four years of my life” was a bit daunting. I’d travelled across the state to an unfamiliar place, which cultivated an unsettling mix of intimidation, independence and intrigue toward my new home. 

As you’re parading from icebreakers to informational sessions, this is but a glimpse of the lifestyle you’re about to take on. And, as you wade through the bundles of “newness,” we can help. 

We at The Pitt News compiled this New Student Guide for you as a road map to navigating the city’s various neighborhoods, a rundown of the happenings of student life and a mentor for championing your time here.

The most valuable part of this guide is its production by dozens of students who were once in your position. We graciously welcome you as a new member of the audience we tirelessly aim to serve, spending countless hours in our office brainstorming ideas to keep you engaged. 

This guide will answer your questions about the cars with pink mustaches whizzing by, the person in the gorilla suit at basketball games, the ropes of orientation week and the wonders stored in your newly acquired Panther Card. 

So, as you tackle so many novel situations freshman year, why not add some consistency? Let The Pitt News, a student-run enterprise, be a part of your day. 

Visit our website, or download our mobile app on your phone or tablet. Pick up a print edition around campus, and peruse stories or scribble answers to the Sudoku puzzle until class starts. Snag a copy by Market Central and dig into a side of news with your omelet. 

Our editorial and business staffs, comprised of more than 120 students, work diligently to issue daily editions with something for everyone: the future engineers, nurses and writers alike. 

Are you a sports fan? Read our coverage of the teams making a splash in the ACC. Do you have a burning question too awkward to ask your roommate? Write to “Dear Kelly,” our resident advice columnist. Want to keep up with trending issues? Follow our opinions section, which takes thoughtful stances on topics affecting young adults. 

Over the last year, we’ve traced developments within student and city government, showcased campus events and bridged the gap between administrative decisions and the student body. 

But The Pitt News isn’t meant to be a one-way conversation, so I want to hear from you. You need not only be a spectator, so if you choose, join the community we strive to create for you. 

Stay connected around the clock through our social media accounts, which we regularly update with breaking news. Like our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @ThePittNews.

Do you have a response to an article, a tip fit for a story or a general question?

Comment via our website or social media platforms. Shoot me a letter by emailing, or give me a call at 412-648-7985. 

Drop by the office at 434 William Pitt Union. There are always people around, and we love to toss around new ideas. You might even find us there until 1 a.m. ensuring we put out the best quality content for the Pitt community.

Or, better yet, join our team. We’re always looking to bring fresh talent and perspective to the editorial, visual and design aspects of our paper. Don’t worry about experience or even interest in a media profession. We have a number of veteran staff members who can help enhance your skills, and our alumni have gone on to pursue careers in journalism, law, science, technology and business. That’s because working for a college newspaper teaches you applicable life lessons — talking to people, writing and honing your digital chops — attractive to any employer. Did I mention you also get paid? 

I hope you conclude your PittStart session eager for the semester ahead at Pitt. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we’ll see you all again in August. 

Hail to Pitt! 

Natalie Daher 


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