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Eleven individuals up for re-election to Board of Trustees

By Lauren Rosenblatt / Assistant News Editor

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Pitt announced in a release Monday that the Governance and Nominating Committee of the Board of Trustees advanced 11 individuals for re-election to the Board.

The full Board will vote on the candidates’ re-election at a meeting on June 19.

According to Pitt spokesperson John Fedele, current Board members and University officials nominate and elect new Board members each year. Once elected, members provide guidance to the Chancellor and other administrators in instructional, administrative and financial fields for the University.

According to Pitt’s website for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, the Board contains two committees — the executive committee and the investment committee, which advises the Treasurer of the University. The Board consists of 36 voting members.

Nine of the 11 individuals up for re-election are current Board members, while the other two candidates served on the Board previously. Fedele said nominees do not have to have served in the past but that they have “shown some affinity to Pitt” before being elected.

In addition, the committee has chosen to advance one candidate for re-election to the Board of the University of Pittsburgh Trust. Two individuals have also been chosen to advance for re-election as University Directors of the UPMC Board of Directors.


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Eleven individuals up for re-election to Board of Trustees