Casual Fridays

404 error

According to a survey conducted by, 11 percent of Americans think that HTML is an STD. The study was conducted in order to determine Americans’ familiarity with a collection of technical jargon. Among the other results of the study, 77 percent of those surveyed did not know SEO stood for “search engine optimization” and 27 percent thought that a “gigabyte” was a South American insect. In regard to HTML as an STD, at least it’s not as serious as contracting HTTP or GIF.

Holy sh*t

Pope Francis is in headlines again, not for his charity work, but for dropping an F-bomb during his weekly public blessing last Sunday. The Holy Father confused his Italian words and accidentally said the word “cazzo,” an expletive, instead of the word “caso,” which means “case.” Apparently, on the seventh day, God said @$#&%.

Wake and bacon

Oscar Mayer has created an app that will appeal to the most loyal of bacon fans: an alarm clock that wakes the user with the sound of sizzling bacon and a puff of bacon-scented air. In order to experience the bacon scent, users must have an external device the company began giving away yesterday that will not be available in stores. Unfortunately, app that force-feeds you Lipitor is still in development.

It’s a cat-astrophe

According to a historian at the University of Pennsylvania, a 16th-century German military strategy manual shows an unusual sort of tactic: strapping flaming devices to the backs of enemy cats. The rationale behind this was that the cats, frightened by the impending battle, would crawl into a barn to hide in hay, and would subsequently light the hay on fire, effectively burning down a town or castle. If this strategy was actually used, we can only imagine how much fur would fly.


According to London firefighters, a bird was to blame for a fire that temporarily displaced nine residents of an apartment building. It is believed that a bird picked up a smoldering cigarette and carried it back to its nest on the roof of the building, where it ignited the nest before the flames spread. The roof of the building sustained damage, but all residents were able to return to their homes. Let’s hope doesn’t get any ideas for a new radical anti-smoking campaign.