USS LST 325 Visits Pittsburgh

The USS LST 325 sailed for five days from its home in Evansville, Indiana to the Steel City.

Over 4,000 visitors toured the LST 325 each day it was docked in Pittsburgh.more
The USS LST 325 sailed for five days from its home in Evansville, Indiana to the Steel City.more
The LST is a landing ship tank designed for use during WWII. It carried tanks and heavy machinery in its cargo area. This ship landed on the beach of Normandy on D-Day +1, one day after the initial invasion.more
Today, the LST 325 serves as a floating museum.more
A machinery room allowed sailors to fix broken equipment and keep busy during long voyages.more
The exhibits aboard feature equipment commonly used on the vessel.more
The LST in fully functional in every aspect, including its galley. Today, the 54 person crew of the ship includes three cooks.more
Captain Bob Kubota demonstrates how to load an anti-aircraft gun with 20mm shells.more
An anti-aircraft gun required to sailors to fire. Captain Bob sits where one would aim the weapon. more
Naval vessels from WWII used signaling lights to communicate with each other. They were effective because they could not be seen unless looking directly at it.more
Maritime flags on the stern of the ship.more
The main deck of the USS LST 325.more
LST’s had an upper and lower wheelhouse. The lower one, pictured here, was only used to navigate the ship in open seas due to the poor visibility.more
Perry Ballinger uses Morse code to communicate with enthusiasts in the area.more
This escape hatch was used for sailors working in the engine room to exit to the top deck. The job below was hot, treacherous, and filled with fumes.more
Sneakers are recommended if you ever want to tour a naval ship. Steep, slippery steps and other obstacles such as hatches await you every so many feet.more
In WWII the LST 325 housed 110 enlisted men. They slept on these hanging cots. Before falling asleep they would wrap their hands and feet in the rope so that they would not fall during the night as the ship tossed and turned on the open seas.more

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