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Filling Seats

Students listen to Student Government Board meeting as they talk about the new internship opportunity. | Amy Beaudine / Staff Photographer

Students listen to Student Government Board meeting as they talk about the new internship opportunity. | Amy Beaudine / Staff Photographer

Students listen to Student Government Board meeting as they talk about the new internship opportunity. | Amy Beaudine / Staff Photographer

By Lauren Wilson / Staff Writer

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Three weeks into the fall semester, Pitt’s Student Government Board is in the business of filling seats — including a few spots for interns.

At its weekly public meeting Tuesday, Sept. 22, SGB announced it is reopening its internship program. SGB last had interns in 2011, though President Nasreen Harun said she didn’t know why the Board ended the program.

According to Harun, the SGB internship program is only available to Pitt freshman, because freshmen can’t serve on the board.

“The program allows them to get involved with Board members on projects they are interested in. It’s a way for them to gain exposure if they want to see how SGB works.”

Applications will be available Wednesday, Sept. 23, on SGB’s website. SGB will pair interns with Board members based on the initiatives they are interested in pursuing, and interns will learn how to contact Pitt’s administration to get started on specific initiatives.

Harun said SGB is currently planning to accept five interns, but it may accept more if more initiatives open up. SGB will not pay interns.

Harun also announced that SGB had filled the four vacancies on its Allocations Committee. SGB also selected sophomore Kaitlyn Pendrak as its first-ever alternate Allocations Committee member and is looking to fill the vacancy on the Board.

After former President Graeme Meyer resigned from his post in May this year, Harun took over as president, leaving one seat open on the Board. On Wednesday, Sept. 23, Harun said, SGB will publish the application to apply for the open position on its website. All Pitt students who are not freshmen are eligible to apply for the position, Harun said.

To elect a new Board member, SGB must interview each candidate publically — and may do so twice — per its governing code. After each round of interviews, SGB must provide time for public comment. SGB will close applications 9 a.m. Oct. 2, according to Harun.

The new members — Maddie Guido, a freshman biology major; Emily Patrick, a freshman psychology major; Joelle Smith, a senior English writing and digital media major, and Cole Sterrett, a sophomore leadership and ethics major — fill the four vacancies.

For the new members on the Allocations Committee, SGB’s nominating task force officially selected the new members at its private meeting last Sunday. Harun, Nick Reslink, chair of the Allocations Committee, and Max Kneis, vice chair of the Allocations Committee, were the nominating task force and chose the new members.

According to Harun, the committee received 37 applications and interviewed 21 candidates in total for the four available Allocations positions. The new committee members will serve until the end of the school year.

The Allocations Committee will have its first meeting with a full staff this Thursday. After that, the committee members will begin holding office hours.

New member Patrick said she applied for the position to find her purpose on campus.

“I’m most excited to have an impact on the school,” she said.

Reslink said it was a rewarding process to bring on four new committee members.

“It’s always good to get new perspective,” he said. “There’s 12 of us for a reason and that’s to get as many diverse opinions as possible.”


UPTV requested $1,604.97 to attend a conference. SGB approved the request in full.

Panther Swim Club requested $1,873.20 to attend a national swim meet. SGB approved the request in full.

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Filling Seats