Dave and Andy’s sign vandalized

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Dave and Andy’s sign vandalized

By Elizabeth Lepro / Asst. News Editor

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An unidentified person has graffitied Dave and Andy’s iconic ice cream cone sign.

Employees first noticed a purple peace sign, a smiley face and a heart on the white space underneath the words “Dave and Andy’s”  on the sign hanging outside the building Wednesday evening. The markings are similar to those made by the graffiti artist known as Lord Keli, who also recently tagged the Birmingham Bridge.

Jarrod Tanweer, a manager at the shop, said he would not file a report with police.

Tanweer said other people have graffitied the shop in the past — the most recent time he could remember was four years ago. The owner, Andy Hardie, has not chosen to file charges in the past, but instead washed the paint away himself.

In order to get the spray paint on the sign, Tanweer said the perpetrator would have to climb the roof and stand on a thin part of the sign.

“Some graffiti is nice, it’s possible to have good graffiti,” Tanweer said, talking about the Oakland mural on the side wall of Antoon’s.  “But that,” he said, pointing to the Dave and Andy’s graffiti, “isn’t it.”

At the time of publication, Andy Hardie, the owner, could not be reached for comment.

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