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SGB to back rental registry

Pat Corelli introduced the rental registry bill to SGB in early November. Abigail Self | Staff Photographer

Pat Corelli introduced the rental registry bill to SGB in early November. Abigail Self | Staff Photographer

Pat Corelli introduced the rental registry bill to SGB in early November. Abigail Self | Staff Photographer

By Lauren Wilson and Lauren Rosenblatt / The Pitt News Staff

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Pitt students will soon get extra help dealing with landlords from the city and Student Government Board.

At SGB’s weekly meeting this Tuesday, Pat Corelli, SGB Governmental Relations Committee chair, introduced a resolution to support Pittsburgh City Council’s proposed Rental Registry System.

Though City Council hasn’t formally introduced legislation, the registry would serve as a sort of business license for all landlords in Pittsburgh to hold them accountable for housing conditions and keeping their properties up to city code. If a landlord doesn’t register with the system, the city will fine them several hundred dollars every day until they do so.

According to City Council documents, registered property is subject to regular inspections to “ensure they are being maintained properly” and are not adversely affecting the neighborhood.

Corelli said the city has been planning the registry bill for five or six years, but is preparing to formally introduce it in the next few weeks.

To show student support of the bill, Corelli introduced the resolution to SGB on Tuesday night. Corelli said he wanted to introduce the resolution in order to utilize SGB’s resources, such as social media and member involvement.

For students, the bill would increase safety and quality of life for off-campus residents.

“A lot of places in South Oakland aren’t likely to be up to code. In the past few years I’ve been here, we’ve had an apartment burn down and a house explode,” Corelli said. “[The bill] tells landlords the city knows who they are and where to find them.”

SGB tabled the resolution and will vote on it next week.

SGB president Nasreen Harun also announced the election of five new members to the Election Committee, a committee that works to oversee the SGB election and encourage voters, to serve for the remainder of the 2015-2016 academic year. The new members are junior Phillip Anderson, freshman Gabrielle Galterio, freshman Sydney Kockler, freshman Emily North and sophomore Olivia Wiesner.

SGB also voted unanimously to add Pitt Program Council to the Assembly.

The Assembly, which meets on the first and third Monday of every month, is an initiative Harun started in February to allow student groups to work more closely with SGB.

Currently, the Assembly includes all eight student groups affiliated with Student Affairs, including the Resident Student Association, the Interfraternity Council and the Nursing Student Association. The Assembly also includes the Rainbow Alliance and the Campus Women’s Organization.

With the addition of the PPC, the Assembly will have 11 total members.

In other news, Harun announced that students can apply to join the seven working groups discussing how to implement the Strategic Plan, Pitt’s five-year plan to accomplish University goals. The idea came after students expressed interest in helping with Pitt’s Strategic Plan at an open forum held by SGB and Pitt administration last month. See “SGB co-hosts forum” for more.


Catholic Newman Club requested $1,516 to send four members to a leadership conference in Dallas to learn to lead Bible study on campus. SGB approved this request in full.

The Hindu Students Council requested $3,454.98 for Diwali this Saturday to cover the cost of a banner, food and custodial staff. SGB approved this request in full.

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SGB to back rental registry