SGB to select student representatives for Pitt Plan

Several students got one step closer to their goal of collaborating with faculty early this morning at the Student Government Board Assembly meeting.

Monday night SGB President Nasreen Harun said the SGB Assembly would select between five and ten student applicants to serve on the five strategic working groups sometime early Tuesday morning at the end of the Assembly meeting, which began Monday night at 7 p.m.

At last week’s SGB meeting, Harun announced that students could apply to be in one of the five strategic working groups that are working to implement Pitt’s Strategic Plan, a five-year plan to improve the University through embracing diversity, encouraging research and strengthening communities. Student representatives in the working groups will work with faculty to provide a student voice to the implementation discussion.

After hearing student complaints that the groups only included faculty at the three open student forums the University administration hosted to discuss the plan, interim Vice Provost and Dean of Students Kenyon Bonner worked with Harun to include students in the implementation process. These conversations led to opportunities for any student to apply for a student representative position beginning Nov. 10 and ending Nov. 15.

The SGB Assembly did not make the decision in time for publication. Check online today for an updated story.

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