Wolf proposes funding for Kanye West

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Wolf proposes funding for Kanye West

By Nick Mullen | Staff Writer

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After calling on the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page for help with his $53 million in personal debt, Kanye West is looking to an unlikely source for funding: Gov. Tom Wolf.

The Republican-controlled state legislature refused to pass Wolf’s original budget, which contained a multi-billion dollar tax increase to increase funding to schools, instead passing a new budget with no tax increases and far fewer spending increases.

As Wolf looks to next year’s budget, which is due June 30, he announced that in addition to increasing funding to public schools, he’s also looking to increase funding to support arts and music programs across the state, which includes funds for paying off Kanye’s personal debts and financial support for future projects.

After West took to Twitter in early February, following the release of his latest album, “The Life of Pablo,” he called on many wealthy investors, with his search ultimately leading him to Wolf, who is reportedly a fan of the artist.

“Funding the artists and creators of the future is one of the best investments this legislature can make,” Wolf said, referencing Kanye’s plans on Twitter for what he’s going to do with the funding, including releasing three albums this year and expanding his clothing line. “West can be a great role model for our students across the state.”

“If paying Mr. West’s personal debts gives him the freedom to expand his artistic reach, then I think it’s a wise investment.” Wolf explained. “Expanding Pennsylvania’s status as an artistic state will benefit the state not only culturally but economically as well. Just imagine him creating another album or dropping another clothing line with money from Pennsylvania — it would benefit all Pennsylvanians.”

Like this year’s budget, Republican legislators aren’t yet sold on Wolf’s “arts project.” Mike Turzai, speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, was especially opposed to the funding of West’s creative endeavours.

“First, [Wolf] wants to spend billions to fund schools, now he wants to give taxpayer money to Kanye West,” Turzai said. “He’s not even a good rapper. He’s a good producer, I’ll give him that, but he hasn’t had a good album since ‘The College Dropout.’”

After about nine months without a budget, Wolf agreed to allow the Republican appropriations bill to become law without his signature, showing his dissatisfaction, but ultimately allowing the budget to pass without veto. With his ideas shot down by the legislature with this year’s budget, Wolf said next year, he’s not going down without a fight.

“The people of Pennsylvania have had enough,” Wolf said. “They’ve been pushed around by the Republicans and their refusal to pass a budget that helps the people for too long. Next year will see funding for both public schools, and more importantly, for Kanye West.”

This is a satirical story, part of The Pitt News’ annual April Fool’s edition. 

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