Las Palmas struck with health code violation

By Dale Shoemaker / News Editor

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The Allegheny County Health Department has issued a consumer alert for Las Palmas for violating several health codes.

Las Palmas, located on Atwood Street, is facing 19 health code violations after the ACHD inspected the grocery store and restaurant during a routine inspection on June 24. The Health Department issued the alert for unsafe hot and cold holding temperatures, lack of proper hand washing, unsafe cooling practices, not having a certified food safety manager on site, unsanitized food equipment and having flies in and around the store, among other violations. Las Palmas has 10 days to get up to code, Donna Scharding, manager of the Health Department’s food safety program, said in an email Monday. The 10 days began on June 24 and will end on July 4.

The Health Department may close the store if it does not pass another inspection before July 4.

The owner of Las Palmas, Gabriel Berumen, would not comment on the violations.

In its report, the Health Department detailed that the cook at the outside grill did not wash his hands before putting on gloves. The Health Department also reported that Las Palmas only cleaned its meat grinder once per day. Restaurants must wash equipment that they use throughout the day at least once every four hours. The Health Department lists both of these violations as high risk for infection.

Las Palmas has faced similar violations, particularly for unsafe hot and cold holding temperatures, in nearly every inspection by the Health Department since May 2013, according to Health Department reports.

“Recurrent violations are always a challenge,” Scharding said in an email Tuesday. “The Department is currently reviewing other administrative tools that could function as a deterrent.”

The owner of Las Palmas, Gabriel Berumen, would not comment on the violations.


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